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Allo, What is this?

April 13, 2009

Was just going through Chinese Stardoll, I’m a sucker for free Superstar and I found a shop, that has almost ALL the Hotbuys features, I said ALMOST. I was like, OMG, WTF is this? 15+ pages of HB’s and other stuff? :O It had the Faith Hill dress too. And some others. Pretty expensive, but not very. Prices not more that 50 or 60. And LE is still around. So is Little Pink Shop. And the others that we’re around for some time, before they sold out. And the best part about LE is that none of them are sold out, and they never will be, because LE is gonna stay! Check it out if you have a stardoll tom account.BTW, I checked for the Hotbuys Nikes, purple and gold. No luck. Take the Poll!